The hardest workin’ folks you’ll ever meet!

Hillbilly Holler is a collection of 3,500 NFTs
(1,526 Genesis and 1,974 Gen2)
that are as unique as the personalities they are based on. The only difference is these folks live on the blockchain and love workin’ and searchin’ for Hollers which can be used by the community to access Hillbilly benefits.

Here’s them technical specifications

Enn-Eff-Tee what!?

  • Our Hillbillies are programmatically generated from just over 300 lovingly hand-drawn assets, and come with a skill (or two!) that you can upgrade yourself after minting! Just like our real-life friends, some traits are super-rare. There will be 20 hand selected Founder’s Mints and 10 one-of-one’s that have traits not shared by any other hillbilly.
  • Our Hillbillies are minted as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain with all traits hosted on IPFS to save that gas! No one likes to pay extra gas, especially our billies. After our whitelist mint, we will go to a public sale. If you miss it, our Hillbillies will be visitin’ on OpenSea.
  • Immediately following reveal, you will be able to access Hillbilly-only member content on our website. These include daily random jobs in the trailer park that your hillbilly can do to earn Hollers, leveling up in Trade School and much more! More about that on the Roadmap.
Hillbilly Holler

It’s a long country road we’re goin’ down together!
Here’s the plan-

  • Mint! Get our community introduced to their hillbillies! We will start with a whitelist, then a public sale if anyone is left!
  • After full mint, (well, after "the" mint ) the website will have random jobs posted to the job board that can be completed if your hillbilly has that skill. This earns Hollers.
  • Next, launch a trade school where you can add skills to your hillbilly to earn more Hollers which will be used in the Hillbilly Economy.
  • After earnin' all them Hollers, we will be dropping a full set of country girls known as The Jillbillies that can only be minted with Hollers.

Select your Hillbilly..
..send him to work!

Earnin’ Hollers!

  • Daily, there will be 3-4 jobs posted on the Job Board. These jobs will be randomly selected. This is the primary way to earn Hollers.
  • Every Hardworkin’ Hillbilly comes with 1 occupation. If your Hillbilly has the skills needed, click the flyer to perform the work.
  • How many times you have done jobs for the community, how long you have been in that specific occupation or if you have any Utility Cards- will determine your pay in Hollers!
  • After clicking to start the job, your Hillbilly will go to work for about an hour. Check back on your dashboard on the website to find out how much that job paid. Your hillbilly can add skills at Trade School to have a better chance at finding work.
  • As above, after earnin’ all them Hollers, we will be dropping a full set of country girls that can only be minted with Hollers.

The Team!

Spends all his development money on NFTs.
Art Boss. Makes drawings. Loves bad music.
Other Art Boss (yeah, they rumble.) Paints stuff.
Old Cranky Developer. Doesn't really fish.

Built by Hillbillies.

We are a group of artists and developers living in, and contributing to, our rural Appalachian community. Using dollars from our day jobs as game developers and artists, we have funded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting science through open and equitable access to technology. Since 2015 we have served West Virginia by providing educational outreach, technical classes and seminars free of charge to the public.

Transparency is a good thing.
Here's our ERC721 Contract

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